UsaProxy is based upon an HTTP proxy approach. Logging is automatically done on an intermediate computer lying between the web browser and the web servers while multiple users surf the web. The assumption is that all page requests, the browsers make, go through the proxy.

In particular, what is intended to happen is the following:

  • The users are fulfilling their tasks visiting web pages while UsaProxy is registered as proxy in the user’s browser properties
  • When a user’s browser requests UsaProxy to forward him a specific web page, the respective page is fetched from the web server and prepared with special JavaScript code before it is transmitted to the user
  • During the userís visit on the page all his actions (such as page requests, mouseclicks, mouse movements, scrolling, keystrokes, etc.) are monitored and continously transmitted to the UsaProx proxy
  • The captured data is stored to a log file

Small sample of the log output produced by UsaProxy: 2006-08-27,21:03:00 http://www.kiko.com/ load size=862x389 2006-08-27,21:03:03 http://www.kiko.com/ click coord=249,195 dom=abaaaa 2006-08-27,21:03:24 http://www.kiko.com/ mouseover coord=341,164 dom=abaaaaa img=kf_index.gif

See a sample log file (7KB).

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