UsaProxy 2.0 available - enabling shared browsing sessions !

Tracking a user's every move makes it possible to obtain highly detailed and useful information about the actual usage of interactive websites and web applications. Actions such as moving the mouse pointer around, scrolling a page, or fill out a form in a specific order are highly valuable Usability indicators.

In the scope of the publication "Knowing the User's Every Move - User Activity Tracking for Website Usability Evaluation and Implicit Interaction" for the WWW 2006 conference the Media Informatics Group of the University of Munich presents an implementation for detailed tracking of user actions on web pages - the UsaProxy.

The tool is based upon an HTTP proxy approach working with existing server and browser setups. In addition, the user's experience isn't altered due to the JavaScript technology that stands behind the client-side monitoring. The tracked interactions are logged along with the ordinary HTTP communication directly on the UsaProxy computer.

Knowing the User's Every Move - with UsaProxy!

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